Over 40 mummies to be examined with modern technology

An interdisciplinary project to study over 40 human and animal mummies has began, being carried out by archaeologists from University of Warsaw. This Warsaw Mummy Project is aimed at utilising modern technologies to record and examine the remains inside the mummies in order to determine the gender, age, illnesses and diseases of the individuals.

The team of the Warsaw Mummy Project (by Nauka w Polsce)
The team of the Warsaw Mummy Project (by Jacek Turczyk)

Examinations of the mummies are split in to two phases. First one is being carried out with application of computer tomography and X-ray radiography, and the later phase will involve taking samples with use of laparoscopy that will enable laboratory analysis and DNA studies. The mummies brought into the study remain in the custody of the National Museum in Warsaw which is a partner in the project. End of the study is planned for 2018.

(after Nauka w Polsce & Jacek Turczyk)

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