Stolen Pharaoh’s statue recovered

Edfu police managed to recover a stolen black granite monument of 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep III during a raid connected with trade of weapons and drugs. The police entered a residential house in the Upper Egypt village of Al-Nakhl in Edfu and found the statue. The investigation follows to reveal where the statue was taken from (likely in illegal excavations). The statue is carved in black granite and depicts King Amenhotep III standing with his left leg forward wearing the short skirt and a nemes headdress. The middle part of the statue and its reverse side are engraved with hieroglyphic text while its base is decorated with the king’s various titles.

Recovered Amenhotep III's statue (by Ahram Online)
Recovered Amenhotep III’s statue (by Ahram Online)

(after Ahram Online)

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