Sunken 3000 jars of garum discovered off the coast of Italy

Archaeologists discovered an ancient Roman ship loaded with 3000 jars of garum or Roman fish sauce near the coast of Italy. The discovery was made inside a 25-meter wreck in the waters five miles of the coast of Alassio, in the Northeastern Liguria (Italy). The find is dated to 2nd cent. AD. The Roman cargo ship was buried at a depth of 200 meters and underwater archaeologists spent two years scouring the seabed before they finally located it after local fisherman dredged up fragments of some clay jars that have been part of the vessel’s payload.

Jars of garum found on the sea bed (by The Local)
Jars of garum found on the sea bed (by The Local)

The amphorae found inside it are almost all of a certain type, which was used exclusively for garum – a sauce made by fermenting salted fish intestines that was a mainstay of banqueting tables and street food stands across the Roman empire.

(after The Local)

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