Excavation on Lefkada reveal an ancient theatre

A  previously undiscovered and large ancient theatre has been excavated on the Ionian island of Lefkada. The site is located on the Northeast flank of Koulmou’s middle hill, which forms an amphitheatrical downward hollow ending in a lengthy flat section. The structure was not mentioned in any ancient sources. Excavations confirmed the existence of the theatre and uncovered rows of seats, parts of the orchestra and some of the retaining walls for the stage and other parts of the theatre. Fieldworks revealed seats carved from the rock, about 0.73 to 0.90 meters deep and 0.22-0.33 meters high. Others found the orchestra and a section of a wall in a quadrant plan, up to 0.6 meters across. Also portions retaining walls were found.

Theatre found on Lefkada (by Greek Reporter)
Theatre found on Lefkada (by Greek Reporter)

(after Greek Reporter)

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