A treasure trove with a coin of the first Polish king discovered

An accidental find of over 230 silver coins with remains of a clay vessel was made in Złotoria in North-eastern Poland by a man walking a field after ploughing. The finder reported the hoard to Muzeum Podlaskie authorities.

Pieces of the vessel in which the hoard was deposited (by Karolina Toczydłowska)
Pieces of the vessel in which the hoard was deposited (by Karolina Toczydłowska)

The archaeologists studied the find and dated the coins back to 10th and 11th century. Among the coins a silver coin of the first Polish king Bolesław I Chrobry was recognised. This constitutes a first such find of West-European coins in the historic region of North Podlasie. Most of the coins are German coins struck under the rule of Otto I, II and III, Henry II and Conrad II as well as English rulers Aethelred II The Unready and  Cnut the Great, Czech –  Jaromir and Bretislaus I Duke of Bohemia and also Hungarian – Stephen I, Andrew I The White and Béla I the Champion.

Denarius of Bolesław I Chrobry struck between 1010-1020 (by Karolina Toczydłowska)

Archaeological excavations were undertaken in the place of the find. Further scattered coins were found and also remains of a clay jar with a total number of 65 in it along with 3 bars of gold and seven weights. In the middle of June the coins are said to be put on display in the Muzeum Podlaskie in Białystok.

Pieces of a clay jar with the treasure in situ (by Paweł Niziołek).

(after Nauka w Polsce, Karolina Toczydłowska & Paweł Niziołek)

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