Numerous archaeological sites found in Oman

Relics of ancient fortifications and monumental tombs were found among numerous sites by a group of archaeologists from the Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. The fieldwork in a the project, coordinated by prof. Piotr Bieliński, was led by dr Łukasz Rutkowski. The area of the survey in the region of the city of Qumairah was proposed by the local Antiquities Department to the Polish archaeologists. Prior to the 2015 season it was never a subject of any archaeological investigations. A less known fact is that no regular digs in Oman were conducted prior to the ’70s of 20th century.

Fieldwork in Oman (by Łukasz Rutkowski)

The fieldwork in 2015, as the first year of the project, was focused on field surveys. In their course numerous structures from different periods were recorded and documented. Some as old as the Neolithic, others only few hundred years old. Such interesting archaeological features were documented, as two towers standing at the entrance of the studied valley and a graveyard of  stone tombs that measure circa 10 m in diameter, which can be as old as 5 thousand years.

Fieldwork in Oman (by Łukasz Rutkowski)

Next seasons will be focused among others on locating settlements connected with the necropolis. An ancient land of Magan, known from the Mesopotamian historical sources, which is identified with today’s a area of Oman was a place from where copper was exported. The area of investigation, located in the said valley might have been located on a trade route between the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. The archaeologist hope to further the knowledge about this remote region.

(after Nauka w Polsce & Łukasz Rutkowski)


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