50 Palaeolithic stone tools discovered near Terragona

Excavations at the Barranc de la Boella site by the village of Canonja near Terragona revealed a set of 50 flint tools. Their age is estimated by the Catalan Institute of Human Paleo-Ecology and Social Evolution to be between 800000 and a million years old. These tools were found in an area known as La Mina, and are supposedly very well preserved, along with animal skeletal remains and coprolites, most notably related to deer, horses, cattle, rhinoceros, and even hyenas. The conservation state of the remains is exceptional. For now, up to four layers of palaeontological and archaeological material have been identified.

The site of the discovery (by Catalan News Agency)
The site of the discovery (by Catalan News Agency)

(after Catalan News Agency)

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