Recent discovery of a Danish ringfort now aided by Police

The 9th cent. ringfort discovered in 2014 at Vallø Borgring near Køge in Danemark was destroyed by fire set deliberately, as archaeologists state. In order to unravel the mystery of its destruction Police was asked to provide a fire safety investigator to aid the scientific investigation. The archaeologists hope that the Police specialists will bring in tools such as dogs to help sniff out bones in the earth to help unearth more evidence.

Aerial photo of the Vallø Borgring site (by CPH Post)
Aerial photo of the Vallø Borgring site (by CPH Post)

The castle is said to belonged Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark in the late 900s. History records that Bluetooth drove his army too hard, which ended with a riot in which the king was killed. The fortress in Køge may be the last structure commissioned by Bluetooth before he died, because the castle seems to have been only halfway completed. Archaeologist Jens Ulriksen, head of the excavation of the site, stated that all indications are that there has been a fire set at the gates of the castle as the outer posts of the east gate are completely charred, and there are signs of burning on the inside.

(after CPH Post)

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