Remains from time of Mongol Empire discovered

Archaeologists from Kashan University conducted excavations at the site of Feizabad (Isfahan, Iran), an urban centre and settlement area during the Ilkahnid era (ca. 1256–1335 AD). The excavations revealed valuable information about archaeology and architecture of the era. A structure dated to that times and possibly pre-dating them was unearthed, measuring ca. 10 meters in width in 20 meters in length.

Excavations at the site (Mehr News Agency)
Excavations at the site (by Mehr News Agency)

This mud brick building with gypsum plastering encompass a rectangular space with large arch plates. It could potentially have an arched dome in time of construction. Among small finds numerous shards of pottery were discovered, dating back to the Ilkahnid era

(after Mehr News Agency)

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