Pile of ancient vessels found on the shore of Sicily

A pile of ancient jars was found underwater on the shore of Sicily by archaeologists that were studying a shipwreck dated to the Roman era. The wreck was found in 2011 at a depth of about 250 feet off Aci Trezza in eastern Sicily. Archaeologists led by Philippe Tisseyre were taking photos to produce a 3-D relief of the wreck site.

Pile of jars found at the shore of Sicily (by Seeker)
Pile of jars found at the shore of Sicily (by Seeker)

The ship measures 15 meters in lengths and 4 meters in width. Its cargo consists of a pile of at least five different types of terracotta jars, or amphorae, dating to around the 2nd century BC. These jars were used as shipping containers and carried trade products such as honey, olive oil, wine and fish sauce. Most of the amphorae are Greco-Italic vessels from Campania in southern Italy. The finds suggest presence of  of a trading hub for amphorae nearby.

(after Seeker)

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