Trove of Jewish belongings found by construction workers

Construction workers, conducting works at a site in Mińsk Mazowiecki (East Poland), unearthed a glass carafe while operating a digger. The carafe contained numerous small items. Archaeologists, Bożena Bryńczak, who supervised the works, noticed the find and informed the investor with whom she delivered the artefact to the Muzeum Ziemi Mińskiej. The experts investigated the find and listed numerous objects that were extracted from the vessel, such as cutlery, silver kiddush cups, pins and over 100 coins (including silver and golden ones).

Trove discovered in Mińsk (by Wirtualny Mińsk Mazowiecki)
Trove discovered in Mińsk (by Wirtualny Mińsk Mazowiecki)

The items probably belonged to a Jewish person that lived in Mińsk Mazowiecki and hid them during World War II. The fact that the carafe was not secured by any cloth and remained open might indicate that it was hidden in a hurry.  The director of the museum awaits the decision of the local Heritage Office concerning the place where the trove will be deposited, hoping that it might be put on display in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Experts estimate that the value of the trove might be up to circa 10000 Euro (40000 PLN).

(after Wirtualny Mińsk Mazowiecki)

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