Byzantine burial found in ancient city

Excavations at the ancient city of Stratonikeia in modern Turkey’s Muğla Province revealed a 1300-year-old skeleton of a young woman. The works are being conducted in the ancient city’s Western Street and they resulted in finding many relics from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Beylik periods. Excavations carried out by Pamukkale University Archaeology Department resulted also in revealing the city’s graveyard and graves of adults and children.

Stratonikeia burial (by Hurriyet Daily News)
Stratonikeia burial (by Hurriyet Daily News)

Recently a 120-centimeter-tall skeleton was found in one of the graves. It belongs to a young woman who died in the 7th century AD. The grave was a Byzantine structure. The archaeologists are also working in the ruins of a church which floor was covered with marble-made geometric designs, dated from the Hellenistic era to the Turkish era

(after Hurriyet Daily News)

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