Egyptian mummy reveals numerous tattoos

Canadian archaeologists conducting research in Egypt discovered numerous tattoos on a mummified body of a woman who lived more than 3300 years ago. The tattoos include lotus blossoms on the mummy’s hips, a cobra, and cows on her arm.

On of many tattoos found on the mummy (by CBC News)
On of many tattoos found on the mummy (by CBC News)

Thanks to modern imaging software, Cédric Gobeil and his team were able to unshrink and extend the mummy’s skin, which revealed the images. Usually, such tattoos found on the ancient Egyptian mummified bodies depict geometric and simple shapes. They are most often found on the bellies. In this case no such common tattoos appear, instead over 30 images of animals were tattooed on the arms and torso. Some of the tattoos were found due to infra-red camera, as parts of the body were so dark and covered in embalming product that it was impossible to see the skin.

One of the animal tattoos depicting a snake (by CBC News)

The scientists state that the mummy of a woman was between 24 and 35 at the time of death. During her life the woman may have been a priestess to the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

(after CBC News)

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