Archaeologists discovered Teutonic Order’s burnt down fortifications

Remains of a burnt down stronghold belonging to the Teutonic Order was discovered near the Lichtajny Lake, in northern Poland. Archaeologists suspect the remains formed once a wooden castle that was burnt down during Order’s colonisation of the pagan Prussia in 13th century.

Traces of burnt constructions at Lichtajny (by M. Żurek)
Traces of burnt constructions at Lichtajny (by M. Żurek)

The structure was discovered in 2015 and its unearthing continued this year. Before the excavations, the area was surveyed with use of non-invasive methods, including magnetic prospection. Archaeologists discovered burnt remains of a building measuring 4 by 5.3 metres that were embedded to the depth of 1.2 metres from the present surface. Not many of such early Teutonic constructions are known but the structure is believed to be a contemporary one, built for the time of conquest of the local tribes.

(after Nauka w Polsce & M. Żurek)

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