Rare Roman gold coin discovered in Jerusalem

Excavations at Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Israel, revealed a rare golden coin. It bears the image of Roman emperor Nero and can be dated to 56/57 AD.

The golden coin of Emperor Nero (by PhysOrg)
The golden coin of Emperor Nero (by PhysOrg)

The golden coin, aureus, bears the portrait of the young emperor Nero depicted as Caesar on the averse. The image is accompanied by the legend: NERO CAESAR AVG IMP. On the reverse a depiction of an oak wreath is shown with the letters: EX S C and PONTIF MAX TR P III. The coin was found in rubble material outside the ruins of the 1st century Jewish villas and is said to pre-date the destruction of Jerusalem by Romans in 70 AD. The mansion in which it was found was equipped with a Jewish ritual pool (mikveh) and a bathroom. This building, along with others, was probably destroyed by the order of Titus and the Roman legions, when Jerusalem was razed to the ground.

(after PhysOrg)

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