World’s oldest indigo-blue fabric found in Peru

American archaeologists in Peru discovered a piece of a 6200-year-old textile that has been dyed indigo-blue. It is believed to be one of the oldest known cotton textiles and the oldest one dyed to this colour in the world.

World's oldest indigo-dyed textile (by PhysOrg)
World’s oldest indigo-dyed textile (by PhysOrg)

The archaeologists excavated the fabric in 2009, in Huaca Prieta, Peru. The site is located in a desert area on the North coast of country.It is believed that a temple must have existed at the site, where among others a variety of textiles was offered to the gods. According to the experts fine fibres and sophisticated dyeing, spinning and weaving practices developed by ancient South Americans was one of the important technological contributions made by Native Americans. The piece of fabric is now part of the collection in Cao Museum, Peru.

(after PhysOrg)

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