Metal detectorist finds an ancient Roman pendant

A metal detectorist with over 10 years of experience discovered a rare Roman pendant in Farndon, Cheshire, United Kingdom. The piece of jewellery is said to be 2000 years old.

Pendant found in Cheshire (by BBC News)
Pendant found in Cheshire (by BBC News)

Archaeologists are aware of a big Roman military garrison stationed once in Chester. The jewellery was found outside the city walls. The pendant is made with carnelian gemstone. It features a fallen soldier or gladiator holding a shield towards what appears to be a large cat or panther. The experts state that it is a rare find, especially with the image of the warrior and the creature fighting. The gemstone is said to be Roman, dated to the 1st century BC but the pendant is probably younger, dating to late Roman or early Anglo-Saxon times. The pendant is to be valued by the British Museum.

(after BBC News)

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