Ritual site marked with a large sculpted stone discovered in Armenia

Archaeologists discovered a 5000-years-old ritual site in the Mount Aragats area of Armenia. The site’s presence was indicated by the presence of a large, sculpted stone, called “vishapakar”.

Collage of pictures from the site (by ArmenPress)
Collage of pictures from the site (by ArmenPress)

Archaeologists from an Armenian-German expedition excavated the site in the Tirinkatar area of the Mount Aragats summit. They studied the vishapakar, a large stone, which was sculpted with an image of a bull that has fallen on a platform. The excavations of the adjacent area discovered organic traces of plants and numerous fragments of pottery and obsidian. The finds allowed the site to be dated to the 3rd-2nd millennium BC. Judging from the way the vishapakar had fallen the experts could establish that it was once facing Mount Aragats and those who carried out the rituals were facing Mount Ararat.

(after ArmenPress)

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