Yassıtepe Mound reveals 5000-year-old grape seeds

Archaeologists discovered 5000-year-old grape seeds at the Yassıtepe Mound in Bornova district of Turkey’s Izmir province. The site is located near the oldest known settlement located in Turkey, 8500-years-old Yeşilova Mound.

5000-years-old grape seeds (by Daily Sabah)
5000-years-old grape seeds (by Daily Sabah)

The grapes, that were discovered during excavations of the Ege University at the site, are said to be of the renowned Bornova Muscat grape. The seeds were found in carbonized form at the bottoms of pottery. Anatolia is regarded as one first the regions were grapes are being cultivated in history, with western provinces of Izmir, Aydın and Manisa being the most prominent centres of grape production in Turkey. The finds were displayed at Bornova Municipality’s visitor centre at the Yeşilova Mound.

(after Daily Sabah)

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