10th century log-boat discovered and extracted from a lake

A 10-metre long log-boat was discovered and recovered from the Lednickie lake in western Poland. It dates back to the 10th century AD and was preserved in good condition.

The hull of the boat (by Wojciech Paduch)
The hull part of the boat (by Wojciech Paduch)

The boat was preserved well due to waterlogged conditions in which the wood was deposited. It was found at a depth of 9.5 metres about 75 metres away from the shoreline in the central area of the Lednickie lake. The find was discovered in a context pointing to the existence of a bridge structure at one point. After the discovery the boat was partially uncovered and taken out from the lake’s bottom to shallow waters and eventually to the surface for conservation works. The boat, dated to the 10th century, the period of formation of the first Polish state ruled by the Piast dynasty, will be put on permanent exhibition in the Polish History Museum.

(after Nauka w Polsce, Muzeum Historii Polski & Wojciech Paduch)

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