Archaeologists discovered remains of 80 people while excavating the Warsaw Citadel

The bodies were found in a mass grave during archaeological fieldwork, prior to construction of the new buildings of the Polish Army Museum that will be relocated to the 19th century Warsaw Citadel. The individuals were studied and will be moved to one of Warsaw’s cemeteries.

Excavations at the site (by TVN Warszawa)
Excavations at the site (by TVN Warszawa)

During the excavations remains of numerous individuals were found, buried within mass graves, single graves or just scattered within the soil. All of the remains were found in the north-eastern area of the Citadel. Some of the belongings enabled the archaeologists to date a number of finds, such as a button of a Polish soldier’s uniform from 1939.

Overview of the site (by TVN Warszawa)
Overview of the site (by TVN Warszawa)

The director of the museum, Adam Buława, and the archaeologist Marzena Kasprzycka, leading the excavations, state that after all the remains are studied it will be possible to determine how did they got there and to whom they belong. The fieldwork at the Citadel is connected with plans of creating a large museum-and-park space within the 30 hectares of the fortification.

Location of the archaeological fieldwork (by TVN Warszawa)
Location of the archaeological fieldwork shown by Marzena Kasprzycka (by TVN Warszawa)

(after TVN Warszawa)

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