Korea’s oldest decorated roof tiles discovered

Korean archaeologists discovered country’s oldest chimi, a type of roof tile. The find was made at the Wangheung Temple complex, Buyeo, South Chungcheong.

Chimi type roof tile (by Korea JoonAng Daily)
Chimi type roof tile (by Korea JoonAng Daily)

The historic temple, also known as Wangheungsa Temple, was constructed around 577 AD, during the reign of the Baekje Dynasty (18 BC – 660 AD), and the two fragments of roof tiles are also believed to have been created around that date. One of the found fragments was thought to have been the top of a tile on northern side of a building’s roof and the second one on the bottom of a matching tile on the southern side. Both pieces were placed together reconstructing the original 1.2 metre high roof tile.

(after Korea JoonAng Daily)

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