New Mycenaean tolos tomb revealed

Greek archaeologists revealed the results of excavations of a Mycenaean tolos tomb that was researcher since 2014 at Amblianos near Amphissa in West Locris, central Greece.

The tolos tomb at Amblianos (by Archaiologia)
The tolos tomb at Amblianos (by Archaiologia)

The tomb has a long dromos or corridor measuring 9 metres in length leading to a circular tolos chamber with a maximum diameter of 5.90 metres. The tomb was originally covered with a dome. Its floor is covered with a layer of mortar. The structure was built with stones, but at one point has collapsed, so the chamber walls have been preserved to a height of almost 3 metres. Judging from the finds inside the tomb, it was used for more than two centuries, from the 13th to the 11th century BC. The burial chamber contained a large quantity of skeletal material concentrated in the  middle and by the walls of the chamber. The findings include a large number of vessels, clay figurines, bronze vessels, weapons, and a large number of jewellery, votive items from semiprecious stones and gems with animal ornaments. The quality and the quantity of the pottery and the other finds found within the tomb are important additions to the small group of examples from the neighbouring sites of Kirrha, Krisa and Delphi. This adds to the information on a number of issues concerning local production of pottery and of small artefacts from the region.

(after Archaiologia)

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