New finds at ancient Megarsus

Excavations at the ancient city of Magarsus, Adana province, south Turkey, unearthed an ancient theatre. The site was a religious centre of Mallus, one of the most important cities of the ancient Cilicia civilization, famous for its ancient temples.

Megarsus (by Hurriyet Daily News)

The recent excavations unearthed the ancient theatre which had a capacity of 4000 people. Works stopped due to winter conditions in the region. The goal next season is to excavate the area of the ancient city’s theatre’s orchestra and stadium sections. The ancient theatre was located with a view on the sea and measures 150 meters in height and 30 meters in width. It is scheduled for future culture and art events that will be held once more after 2500 years. The history of the ancient city dates back to 5th century BC. The ancient city of Magarsus was named after the Magarsia sisters of the Temple of Athens, where Macedonian King Alexander the Great sacrificed an animal before going into war with Persian King Darius in 333 BC.

One of the finds from Megarsus (by Daily Sabah)

(after Hurriyet Daily News & Daily Sabah)

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