Odin amulet found among other treasures

A treasure trove containing a golden amulet and other golden jewellery was found at Magletving on Lolland, Denmark. The finds are said to date back 1500 years.


The amulet and other finds (by Museum Lolland-Falster)

The discovery was made by a father and his two sons in a field. The amulet (or bracteate) is a small, round, thin golden disc with a decorated front that is framed by a gold thread. It has an eyelet for a cord or chain, so it could be carried around the neck. The amulet was discovered along with a gold pendant, three broken golden pieces (probably neck rings) and a golden ring – all dating back to 6th century. According to archaeologists the image on the amulet most likely portrays Odin, the king of the gods who was also the deity for war and death, because there is a small runic inscription with the words “The Tall“, which was one of Odin’s nicknames. As to now, only three of such amulets have ever been found on Lolland – the last one was back in 1906, and there are only around 1,000 such pieces from all over northern Europe.

(after Copenhagen Post & Museum Lolland-Falster)


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