Possible large Roman site found at housing development area

A discovery of numerous Roman Era artefacts was made off Tunbridge Lane in Bottisham, United Kingdom, where a new housing development is scheduled.

Roman coin (by Cambridge News)

Archaeologists working at the site commissioned by the developer due to the archaeological significance of previous finds made in the area uncovered three high-status Roman buildings, which formed part of a rural villa complex dating from between around 200 to 400 AD. The scientists believe one of the buildings was a bath house as there is evidence of an underfloor heating system.

Pottery shards (by Cambridge News)

Numerous artefacts dating from the Roman period include a 4th century coin of Constantine II, ceramic building tiles, Roman stone work, and the spout on a pottery vessel imported from the continent. Other finds include a wide range of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age flints, indicating the area was occupied much earlier than Roman times. Another discovery provided evidence f medieval settlement activity, which suggests that the Medieval village of Bottisham may have once expanded along Tunbridge Lane.

(after Cambridge News)

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