Roman tombs found during construction works

Construction workers discovered ancient artefacts in Gaybiefendi, Kütahya province, central Turkey. Archaeological investigation revealed 2000-year-old Roman tombs at the sites.

The Roman tombs (by AA Photo)

Archaeologists unearthed three tombs, indicating that a Roman necropolis  may be located in the vicinity of the site of which the tombs are a part of. Further investigation also revealed that there are skeletons of four or five individuals in each tomb. As the construction works are stopped to allow archaeologists to conduct their investigation, the experts expect to find other finds in the area. The region of Kütahya was named Kotyaion during the Greek times and was later Latinized in Roman times as Cotyaeum.

Finds at Gaybiefendi (by AA Photo)

(after AA Photo, Daily Sabah & Hurriyet Daily News)

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