Ruins of Maritime Silk Road port unearthed

Archaeologists revealed 1000-year-old ruins in Haifeng, Hebei province, China, belonging to a port on the route of Maritime Silk Road. The ancient ruins are dated to the times of the Jin (960–1276 AD) and Yuan (1271–1368 AD) Dynasties.

Excavations at Huanghua (by People's Daily Online)
Excavations at Haifeng (by People’s Daily Online)

The site in Haifeng is believed to have been a port for trade playing a role role in the Maritime Silk Road. The excavations unearthed ruins of an ancient hearth, fire pits and walls have been uncovered among bricks, tiles and broken porcelain. The discoveries indicate increased human activity around the site, which indicates that the ancient town likely had a prosperous economy.

(after People’s Daily Online)

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