Unknown names of Dilmun civilisation kings revealed

Study of material from excavations of the Aali archaeological site in Bahrain revealed the names and details of two ancient kings from the A’ali dynasty of the Dilmun civilisation.

The Aali in Bahrain (by News of Bahrain)
The Aali site in Bahrain (by News of Bahrain)

The three-year-long study revealed that the rulers of the A’ali dynasty carried the title of “The Servant of Inzak of Agarum”. Two rulers’ names were revealed through the examination of cuneiform inscriptions of precious vessels, which could have been manufactured locally or imported and then inscriptions were added by the scribes in the royal palace. King Yagli-El, whose name means “The God Has Shown Himself”, was last ruler of the A’ali dynasty. He died sometime between 1738 BC and 1674 BC. King Rimum, whose name means “The Lofty”, was the father of Yagli-El. Both the names are of Amorite origin. They both lived during a period when the power and influence of the Dilmun civilisation was at its peak. According to the researchers this discovery places the Dilmun culture in the family of large, sophisticated Kingdoms with Amorite leadership that existed in the 2nd millennium in the Middle East.

Part of a vessel with cuneiform writing (by News of Bahrain)
Part of a vessel with cuneiform writing (by News of Bahrain)

Archaeologists believe that the main palaces of these rulers are probably buried underneath the Portuguese fort in Manama. According to the experts, with this find, the Kingdom of Dilmun can now take its ancient history to around 1700 BC and the discovery cements the impression that the Dilmun civilisation was a highly advanced state with a sophisticated culture.

(after News of Bahrain)

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