1000-years-old brick tomb discovered in central China

A brick tomb dating to the Song Dynasty period (960-1279 AD) was discovered at a construction site in Chongdu, Sichuan province, China. Numerous artefacts were found during the following excavations.

Tomb found in Chengdu (by People’s Daily Online)

The tomb unearthed by archaeologist measures over 3 metres in length and is nearly 2.5 metres wide. The structure features a 0.8 metre high clay statue of a warrior at it’s entrance. The researchers were able to uncover artefacts from the tomb, including terracotta animals figures of civil officials, ancient bronze mirrors, and title deeds for land. These indicate that the individual buried there was of a high social status. A small group of coins found in the tomb enabled to date the burial to the Song Dynasty period.

Artefacts from the tomb (by People’s Daily Online)

Researchers have found that the tomb was partially damaged due to a grave robbery that occurred in the past, causing one side to collapse and resulting in destruction of some artefacts. It is also possible that some of the items placed in the grave were stolen as well.

Coins and other artefacts from the site (by People’s Daily Online)

(after People’s Daily Online)

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