Abandoned military structures revealed by a storm

Baltic storms recently revealed abandoned military structures at the Hel Peninsula, North Poland. They include concrete firing positions and other structures built in the times of the Cold War.

Remains of a firing position (by Grzegorz Elmiś)

The Hel Peninsula was a military area for most of the post-war decades of 20th century. During the Cold War numerous military structures were built there and abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Russia. Most of the structures were forgotten, but recently a storm uncovered some of them. Fortifications at the Peninsula consisted of military trenches that were aided by concrete firing stations equipped in a dome structure and a concrete corridor in the sand dune between trenches.

Corridor between firing posts (by Grzegorz Elmiś)
Remains of a firing position (by Grzegorz Elmiś)

The area is monitored by the Muzeum Obrony Wybrzeża (Museum of Coastal Defence). After the recent storms some of the revealed fortifications were moved from the beach to the museum. At the moment there area also other parts of defensive structures present at the Hel beaches, such as barb wires and tripwires.

Barbed wire (by Zbigniew Wiekiera)
Firing position (by Zbigniew Wiekiera)

(after TVN24, Grzegorz Elmiś & Zbigniew Wiekiera)

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