Final coins removed from the largest Celtic trove ever found

After nearly 3 years of work archaeologists finally removed last coins from the trove of Celtic coins found in Grouville on Jersey, United Kingdom, in 2012. The trove by then was the largest trove of Celtic coins ever found.

Extraction of coins from the trove (by ITV)

The trove was discovered in 2012 by two metal detectorists. The trove contained a cluster of coins minted during the Roman and Iron Age. Since the discovery and following archaeological investigation the researchers were working to separate the coins and properly preserve them. In 2015 archaeologists removed also golden jewellery,, such as Celtic torques, from the hoard. The Grouville Hoard contains approximately about 70,000 coins. The hoard, weighting about 750 kilograms, is thought to have belonged to a Curiosolitae tribe fleeing Julius Caesar’s armies around 50 to 60 BC

(after ITV)

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