First American-made hard-paste porcelain ever found

Excavations in Philadelphia, United States of America, revealed a small white bowl being the proof for first real hard-paste porcelain made in America. This is a first such find marking a successful attempt at replicating the production process carried out by Chinese potters since 7th cent. AD.

The hard paste ceramic bowl (by Heritage Daily)

So far archaeologists were unsuccessful at finding physical evidence of making true porcelain in 18th century America. This recent discovery confirms first historical efforts to produce such materiel. Remains of the bowl were discovered among nearly 85000 artefacts at the site of a new Museum of the American Revolution building, and was originally thought as being stoneware. Close geochemical examination revealed that the 18th century punch bowl is true-porcelain that had most likely been manufactured in Philadelphia. The researchers state that the newly-identified artefact has also a historic significance as a reminder that when colonists boycotted imported British goods as a way to protest Parliamentary taxation, they did not have to settle for crude versions of beloved luxuries from abroad and tradespeople manufactured elegant textiles and ceramics for the local market.

(after Heritage Daily)

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