Neolithic stone structures found in the Nila river basin

Archaeologists surveyed the area of the Nila river basin, discovering monumental stone structures near Thavanur village, south-west India. One of the structures has a form of a stone cap put atop of a larger stone, possibly marking a grave at a burial site.

Stone structure found at Thavanur (by Deccan Chronicle)

The survey is said to confirm that the structure dates to 1000 BC. Besides the cap stone, various other stone sculptures and pottery have also been unearthed from various parts of the village, which was a trade route during that age. The potteries found at Thavanur have been displayed at the Kerala Museum of History and Heritage at Thiruvananthapuram. The discovery of these prompted the archaeologists to carry out further excavations in the area.

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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