Numerous artefacts dated to Kingdom of Urartu found in Armenia

Artefacts dating back to the Iron Age Kingdom of Urartu were found near the village of Hatsarat, East Armenia. Experts believe that most of the objects originated in 7th century BC.

Various artefacts (by Republic Radio of Armenia)

Urartu was an Iron Age kingdom centred on Lake Van in the Armenian Highlands in the period between 860 BC-590 BC. The artefacts were accidentally discovered by villagers during construction works and have been gathered by them. Archaeological investigation revealed remains of a mausoleum of Urartian period.

Pieces of pottery (by Republic Radio of Armenia)
A clay bowl (by PanArmenian Network)

The finds include a jug-cup, an ancient clay bawl, two large agate spherical beads, and a large amount of human and animal remains. A closer examination revealed that five people had been buried in the mausoleum. The artefacts are now scheduled for cleaning and restoration works. They are said to be displayed in the future as part of Metsamor Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve’s permanent exhibition of Urartian era.

Clay jug (by Republic Radio of Armenia)
Pottery found at the site (by Republic Radio of Armenia)
Metal objects (by Republic Radio of Armenia)
Bones found at the site (by Republic Radio of Armenia)

(after Republic Radio of Armenia & PanArmenian Network)

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