Numerous finds in south-western Iran

Archaeological investigation at Mashhad Morghab, Fars Province, Iran, revealed relics and structures dated from Mesolithic, to Achaemenid era and Islamic era.

Achaemenid structures unearthed in Iran (by Financial Tribune)

Excavations revealed relics dating back to the Mesolithic (20000-9500 BC) and Neolithic (10200-2000 BC) as well as multiple architectural and urban structures. They consist of a 20-kilometre Achaemenid-era wall, around 300 graves belonging to historical eras, water management structures such as dams and 80 kilometres of water distribution canals, rock mines and residential areas from Prehistoric, historical and Islamic ages. The project involves data collection, drawing maps of structures, deriving the coordinates of sites, digging up earthenware, classification of buildings and relics by era, coordinating with owners of properties and preparing a map that displays the distribution of relics categorized under prehistoric, historical and Islamic. Relics from Achaemenid times, such as dams, canals and mines, are said to be located within Morghab Plain stretching from Shahidabad village in Khorrambid to Sivand Valley in the south of Pasargadae and Kamin Plains.

(after Financial Tribune)

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