Sarcophagus of school principal found in ancient Aigai

Excavations in ancient city of Aigai, East Turkey’s Manisa province, unearthed a final piece sarcophagus dating back 2200 years, which is said to belong to a school principal.

The sarcophagus found in Aigai (by Dogan News Agency)

The recently unearthed pieces of the sarcophagus were reunited with the ones previously found in the same place since 2004. Back then the sarcophagus was shattered into pieces. Over the years archaeologists have compiled the fragments. As 80 percent of the sarcophagus was compiled, the findings unveiled that it belonged to a principal who was honoured three times, which is indicated by three wreaths on the sarcophagus. Each of them has a different meaning. One says “Neoi“, which means he was honoured by young people, and the other says “Aiollida“, which means he was honoured by the public. The third wreath on the sarcophagus has been damaged so it is impossible to understand who honoured him. The sarcophagus also is covered with depictions of a parchment, papyrus rolls and writing sets, informing that the individual buried inside was a teacher, a gymnasiarchos, possibly of a Neoi Gymnasion, a school attended by young people.

Ruins of ancient Aigai (by Hurriyet Daily News)

(after Hurriyet Daily News)

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