Silver pendant found by archaeologist in Nazi concentration camp

Archaeologists conducting research in the area of the former Nazi concentration camp at Sobibór, East Poland. Now, Israeli researchers are trying to establish to whom it belonged to.

The silver pendant (by Dziennik Wschodni)

The pendant is in the form of a silver triangle plaque. Archaeologists believe it was either lost by the owner or deliberately hidden. It also is believed to indicate that a pile of objects discarded during the initial selection of Jewish belongings might still be hidden in the ground. Earlier, the researchers conducting archaeological investigation in the are of the former World War II German Nazi concentration camp, discovered three similar pendants made of aluminium and brass. They contained names, addresses and dates of birth of children from Amsterdam – 6-year-old Leia Judith de la Penha, 8-year-old David Zek and 13-year-old Anna Kapper. The most recent find seems to belong to a child born in Frankfurt am Main on July 3rd 1929. It lacks a name, so the experts are currently searching through birth registries in Frankfurt’s archives. The experts state that Jewish parents started ordering identification plaques when the mass deportations began in fear of losing or being separated from the child during transport.

(after Dziennik Wschodni)

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