Vandals damage dinosaur footprints at Isle of Skye

We normally do not provide news related to palaeontology but this case is different, as it is connected with deliberate vandalism. The case involves vandalism of 165 million year old dinosaur footprints at Staffin on Isle of Skye.

Dinosaur footprint at Staffin (by Alamy)

Police are searching for the vandal who damaged two fossilised dinosaur footprints by pouring plaster into them. The footprints were considered a tourist attraction and were are often covered by sand or the high tide. According to the officers, the plaster-cast appears to have been poured into two of the fossilised dinosaur footprints on the beach which has resulted in damage. The vandal possibly tried to make a cast of the footprints but failed. The prints are believed to have been left by a family of ornithopods – herbivorous creatures that walked on two legs. Police is searching for a man who travelled in a white Hymer camper van who might shed more insight on the case.

(after Mirror Online & Alamy)

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