Incomplete royal tomb found

Remains of an incomplete royal tomb were found in Gyeongju, South-east South Korea. The structure is believed to date to 8th century AD and be possibly the tomb of King Hyoseong, who died in 742 AD.

Aerial picture of the excavation site (by The Dong-a Ilbo)

The researchers initially believed that the tomb might have been built for King Shinmun or Queen Sodeok of Silla but the excavations revealed it was more likely built for the second son of King Seongdeok, Hyoseong who ruled until his death in 742 AD. Excavations revealed a stone structure, remains of a road, and roof tiles with inscription used for the royal tomb. According to archaeologists, the body of King Hyoseong, who was on the throne for only five years, was cremated per his wishes. It is possible that the construction of the royal tomb, which had begun while Hyoseong was alive, was halted due to the cremation.

(after The Dong-a Ilbo)

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