Medieval wall found beneath car park

Excavations in Coventry, central England, prior to building of a student development revealed part of a Medieval wall hidden under the tarmac of a car park.

The unearthed wall (by BBC News)

The area was previously home to Priory Baths. Work on the walls which protected Coventry first started in the 14th century. They were maintained into the 17th century and were repaired during the English Civil War of the 1640s. n 1662, after the restoration of the monarchy, in revenge for the support Coventry gave to the Parliamentarians during the Civil War, the walls were demolished on the orders of King Charles II. At present it is not clear what will happen to the newly-found section, but the known sections of the  wall and gates are classed as a scheduled ancient monument.

Site of excavations (by Coventry Telegraph)

(after BBC News & Coventry Telegraph)

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