Cave found underneath an old pub

Archaeologists discovered a previously unknown cave which is thought to have once been under an old pub in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Clearing the entrance (by Notts TV)

The find was made when builders uncovered a hole as they attempted to find a sandstone bed under the site. The hidden space was discovered under a building on Lower Parliament Street which is being developed by Nottingham Trent University and Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. Archaeologists believe that it was once the cellar of a nineteenth-century pub called The Woodlark.

Site of excavations (by Notts TV)

Nottingham is known for more than 700 man-made caves, many of which date back to the medieval period. Archaeologists have done surveys of a lot of them, but very few have been excavated using modern archaeological methods and techniques. The newly discovered one will be fully recorded and a 3D survey will be carried out.

Entrance to the cave (by Notts TV)

(after Notts TV & Nottingham Post)

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