Iron Age fibula found in a field

A bronze fibula dated to 1st century AD was found in a ploughed field in Dąbrówka Tczewska, northern Poland. The Iron Age find was presented to the Fabryka Sztuki museum in Tczew.

Photo of the fibula (by Józef Ziółkowski)

According to the experts the find is a bronze Prussian series fibula, dating to 0-160 AD. The original owner of the object was probably connected wit the Wielbark culture, an Iron Age culture complex which contained the tribes of Venedi, Rugians, Goths, and Gepids located mainly in Pomerania and West Prussia. The fibula served as a pin for cloth and a sign of the owner’s status. The object is covered with characteristic ornament in form of small circles with a dot in the middle. The artefact was handed over to the local museum. The finder was awarded by Tczew’s president with a gift for presenting the artefact to the authorities.

The fibula (by

(after, Józef Ziółkowski & TVN24)

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