Iron age gold jewellery found by detectorists

Two metal detectorists discovered three necklaces and a bracelet in Leekfrith on Staffordshire Moorlands farmland, United Kingdom. The items,  the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs, are believed to be possibly the oldest Iron Age gold discovered in Britain.

The trove of golden artefacts (by Staffordshire County Council)

The jewellery is believed to be about 2500 years old as it dates to around 400-250 BC. The four torcs were found separately, about 1m apart, buried near the surface in Leekfrith. The inquest heard the torcs’ gold content was at least 80%, with each piece weighing between 230g (8oz) and 31g (1oz).

Golden jewellery (by Staffordshire County Council)
Golden neck band (by Staffordshire County Council)

(after The Guardian & Staffordshire County Council)

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