Over 200 artefacts from ancient Apollonia seized in Albania

Albanian Police prevented the smuggling of 230 archaeological artefacts from ancient Apollonia. Two people were arrested in connection with these illegal activities.

Numerous artefacts recovered by the Police (by Albania Police)

Among the artefacts are pots, vases, parts of ceramic bottles. They were found in two houses in Radostine, a village 120 kilometres south of the capital, Tirana. The houses belonged to the arrested men, who admitted that the objects were dug up at Apollonia, which is a national heritage park. Apollonia is an ancient Greek city in the lands of the Illyrian tribes created in the 6th century B.C. The city, which began to decline in the 3rd century A.D., is located near Fier in modern Albania.

Ancient artefacts seized by Police (by Albania Police)

Police is still seeking two more people, who face charges of smuggling and theft of artworks of national importance. The punishment for his kind of criminal activity carries up to 15 years in jail.

Pottery sezed from smugglers (by Albania Police)

(after PhysOrg & Albania Police)

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