Thick ivy reveals unknown sculptures at famous castle

Workers clearing faces of walls and drains from overgrown ivy discovered two sculptures in the Książ castle, Wałbrzych, south-western Poland, that previously went unnoticed.

Sculpture under ivy (by Radio Wrocław)

The sculptures were uncovered by workers clearing the walls on the southern side of the castle. According to the officials, the works were aimed at uncovering a window that was noticed on pictures and photographs from the early 20th century, but instead two sculptures were found.

Cleared sculpture (by Radio Wrocław)

One of the sculptures is an atlante, a wall support sculpted in the form of a man. He hold the head of the gorgon Medusa in one hand. The sculpture is the size of a real person. The head might indicate that the figure depicts the Greek hero Perseus, son of Zeus. The second sculpture is a gargoyle head with a long tongue and ears. According to the officials, the head is intentionally stylised to look Medieval. The sculptures are scheduled for restoration and presentation to the public.

Second sculpture (by Radio Wrocław)

(after Radio Wrocław, TVN24 & Bartosz Szarafin)

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