5000-year-old skeleton found by construction workers

Construction works unearthed a Neolithic skeleton, dating back 5000 years, in the Guar Kepah site, near Kepala Batas, on mainland Penang, Malaysia.

Ancient human remains (by Universiti Sains Malaysia)

According to archaeologists, a skull, a femur bone and a rib cage were found 70cm underground beneath the floor of a house which had been recently flattened to make way for the construction of a gallery. Guar Kepah is a Stone Age site featuring shell middens or mounds that date back more than five millennia. In 2010 Prehistoric shells, pottery remains, tool and food remains from the Neolithic period were found at the site. According to archaeologists, a total of 37 skeletons were excavated from the site after British colonial officer G.W Earl first discovered the shell middens in 1860. The age of the skeletons is dated  between 4000 and 5000 years old.

The skeleton being studied at the site (by The Star)

(after Universiti Sains Malaysia & New Straits Times)

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