Ancient structures unearthed by sandstorm

A recent sandstorm unearthed remains of ancient structures near Fahraj Couny in Iran’s south-eastern province of Kerman.

Ancient structures (by Laleh Khajooei)

Observers at the site state that pieces of pottery vessels, bones, mud bricks and remains of walls belonging to structures hidden for centuries under the sand were revealed by recent harsh weather.

Part of an underground structure unearthed (by Laleh Khajooei)
Remains of ancient structures (by Laleh Khajooei)

The structures and artefacts became visible when sand dunes were moved away by the storm. The area is said to have been cordoned off by law enforcement officers until archaeological experts manage to survey the area and establish the age of the remains.

Ancient pottery vessel (by Laleh Khajooei)
Overview of the site (by Laleh Khajooei)

(after Trend News Agency,  Mehr News Agency, PressTV & Laleh Khajooei)

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