Another German WWII bomb-torpedo discovered

Just months after the first find, a third BT1000 bomb-torpedo, developed by the Third Reich as “wunderwaffe” was found in Gdynia, Northern Poland.

Lifting the weapon (by Andrzej Ditrich & Fundacja Latebra)

The discovery was made in the are of the former military airbase in Babie Doły, same as the previous finds. Explorers from the Latebra Foundation managed to uncover the third specimen of the BT 1000 type bomb-torpedo, developed by the Nazis in the area during World War II.

Remains of the bomb-torpedo (by Reuters & TVN24Bis)

The BT 1000 Bombentorpedo was an torpedo carried and dropped from the places, like a bomb, used to destroy enemy ships. The place of the find, the airbase in Babie Doły, was Fliegerhorst Hexengrund during WWII, part of Torpedowaffenplatz Gotenhafen-Hexengrund, a testing place for the German Luftwaffe between 1942-1945.

Reconstruction of the BT 1000 bomb-torpedo (by Andrzej Ditrich & Fundacja Latebra)

The bomb-torpedo could have been normally been carried by a Messerschmitt 162 Komet, a rocket-powered fighter aircraft, which had two of them mounted above its wings. The smaller, BT 700, could have been carried by Focke Wulf 190 single-engine fighter aircraft. All the found specimen are handed over for display to the Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni (Navy Museum in Gdynia).

Team of explorers beside the find (by Andrzej Ditrich & Fundacja Latebra)

(after Do Broni, Andrzej Ditrich & Fundacja Latebra)

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