Construction worker finds a 1957 rifle

Construction worker in Elbląg, North Poland, hired to remove wall plaster in a private flat discovered a sport rifle with ammunition hidden in the wall.

The rifle and bullets (by Komenda Miejska Policji w Elblągu)

The man removed the weapon and its ammunition from the wall in which it was hidden within a plastic bag. He notified the Police, and the officers secured the rifle and the ammunition. It was identified as a sport rifle manufactured in 1957 and is said to be in very well state of preservation. This type of weapon needs a special permit, so the Police has secured it for now and will conduct analysis to determine whether is was ever used for committing crime. At present it is not known to whom it belonged to and why was it hidden.

(after Komenda Miejska Policji w Elblągu)

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